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Mobile Control MOB

'Courtiers shouted:' Let us not believing ', and the people:' Think of what we give you '- said the French Queen Marie. Ilya T., head of private repair team of three people, well aware of: any foreman shared the courtiers. Customers the same – the owners of apartments and villas – in solidarity with the people and not only want… (more…)

Madrid Amp

Madrid, February 16, 2010._ Clickseguros and PHotoEspana inaugurated last Friday the third edition of the awards of videoart click & rec PHE10. The deadline for submission of works will remain open from February 12 to May 28, 2010. The third edition of click & rec will revolve around the concept of time and all work submitted must be related with… (more…)

Kosovo Broke

Kosovo is declaring its independence before Serbia. The United States and the European Union endorse this while Russia supports the refusal of its traditional ally Serbia fearing also that incentive to Chechens and other nationalities endorsed wanting to secede. Up to date the UN has accepted the independence of all 23 republics that formed part of the Socialist Federation of… (more…)