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From the time of the measurement that is one minute and since we specify that the load is constant increase in a minute, we can convert the power reading to an equivalent reading of energy consumption to 1/60 time by multiplying the power reading (converting the time base from minutes to hours). Demand also is a value based on the… (more…)


Hello and welcome my dear entrepreneur, in this article I will try on the obstacles that entails first, starting a business or entrepreneurship so that you know in advance with what you’ll find and not you soprendan. Read what follows now. Disadvantages on this occasion I will talk to them about the downside of having a business or own attimino… (more…)

Client Authentication

Connection type can have the following values, local, host, hostssl and hostnossl. The method type can have the following values, trust, reject, md5, crypt, password, krb5, ident, pam or ldap a series of examples will help us better understand how we can configure different access to the PostgreSQL cluster. Example 1-Tcp/ip (network) access to the database test001, as user test… (more…)