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The Vacuum In The Kitchen

In our usual establishments we can find a lot of products that are packaged under vacuum. The most wonderful thing of this type of food, is precisely that they tend to be free of any kind of chemical preservative and thanks to this type of packaging the product remains fully in its natural state, without any alteration. In particular the… (more…)


They only think about she interests what them at that definitive moment. Nobody thinks if the Yamaha vende motions when it wants to buy a keyboard. The people alone think if the Yamaha vende good keyboards. In the same way, nobody thinks about the keyboards of the Yamaha when it wants to buy a motion. The people alone if import… (more…)

FEI Military

The political murders became frequent. The Central University and several grammars school were closed, and its teaching went to stop to the jail or I exile in tens of cases. The relations are broken with Argentina and Chile, and it cools off the deal with Mexico and Santa Sede. 1.957, December: On the context of the aim of its mandate… (more…)

Police Responsibility

For several years now, the national police has been discussing the enormous responsibility of maintaining the bourgeois state. thus to those who handle such as social class in power. The class is in power shields on them to sustain their foul system of slavery and misery. But now when he was given as a gift to participate in elections as… (more…)