Monthly Archives: October 2014

Olga Nedelin

It was reported that spending in parts of the construction and repair of roads will be reduced by about 15 percent. However, it was announced that the cost of the work will be reduced without detriment to the quality and quantity, and due to a general fall in prices, including the market value of the materials. None less leaked rumors… (more…)

Smart Homes: No Vision For The Future!

What we have added a few decades ago as a visionary Lifestyle surprise, is already real, existing building services. In this innovative technology is not reserved on the basis of a central programmable control units for a large part of the total building electricity only about a wealthy minority. With the ability to initially install only individual units and then… (more…)

The Entrance

Go in the wake of his own wife – Empty the tank faster. Take into account human physiology. Before a long journey, do not drink much water, do not forget about the passengers. This is no joke. Trip can turn into hell: from bush to bush on the principle of 'girl – right, boys – to the left', and thence… (more…)

Health Care

Of every ten people who come into the urgencies of the Spanish hospitals, six or seven are people over 65 years. Life expectancy is increasing and the advances in medications and surgical techniques make death see it getting further away. The ageing of the population is already a reality with concrete impact and public administrations and citizens assume new challenges.… (more…)