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GPS Navigator

Route 66, suppliers of navigation software for mobile phones in association with Samsung Wave, launched a promotion in which give away for an entire year updating of the databases of speed radars only by purchasing the GPS Navigator lifetime license. Mobile phones are no longer anything more than a phone, to become with the passage of time and the evolution… (more…)

Mini Fridge

Why more and more people buy a mini fridge mini fridge conquered the German market the idea of refrigerators in miniature format is nothing new: truck drivers have a mini refrigerator on board for years. This can you cool drinks in the summer and take food and must not cover itself on expensive service. Also campers, anglers and other fresh-air… (more…)

Word Books

An ebook reader is designed first and foremost for the reading of books. Of course, some readers offer additional functions. So mp3 files can them be played. Some (as, for example, the devices from Amazon) can surf the Internet. But the screen won’t builds up, considers fun but a little in the borders. This feature is designed only for customers… (more…)

The Droptest Freaks

How smartphones intentionally dropped… My all first post I the “drop test” freaks want to dedicate. Gwyneth Paltrow gathered all the information. You know surely the numerous videos on YouTube, where the top smartphones are tortured… I’m sure not a masochist, and when these wicked videos, it hurts too literally in the heart, to see how the beautiful devices be… (more…)

Heart Collaborates

Share your capital, your knowledge, your time, your dreams, your thoughts, your feelings, your experiences, allows others to enjoy what you have, what you have and the people who are to your around. He collaborates with others so that they can thrive and leave black holes that torment them. He selflessly collaborating both occupationally and personally, don’t worry if they… (more…)

Laboratory Fume Cupboards

HDT offers special events subject to mandatory testing security facilities at the laboratory (laboratory fume cupboards and safety cabinets) safety devices for the prevention or elimination of hazards must be regularly maintained and checked for their functioning, to ensure the protection of employees in handling hazardous materials. The Haus der Technik offers two training events exactly. With these events the… (more…)

Laboratory Equipment

History, interesting & useful information – not just for chemists. Almost everybody knows the subject chemistry. Some have pleasant memories of this scientific branch of science, the other probably negative. For a variety of chemistry is boring people and they are happy when they no longer get after school contact. However, it need not be at all as dull or… (more…)

Competitions Labor

Emphasis becomes in to indicate, that in the so many definitions of the concept – in todas- there is a conjunction between the classic theory of the administration, in which the division of the work settles down clearly, and the concepts of flexible structures (organic) which they tend to be each more effective in the modern industrial world, this one… (more…)

Natural Laboratory

Venezuelan archipelago reported more than 90% of coral species present in the Caribbean Sea and is an important source of coral larvae for the rest of marine environment, Los Roques – Venezuela two worlds one paradise. Already from the air, small islands of the archipelago of Los Roques Venezuela, we are a tasty snack: white sandy beaches lapped by crystal… (more…)

Laboratory Furniture

Today s modern laboratories need to be open, expandable, adaptable, functional, efficient and safe for all users as well as equipment and chemicals. Today’s modern laboratories need to be open, expandable, adaptable, functional, efficient and safe for all users as well as equipment and chemicals. Laboratory furniture is integral part of virtually all laboratories. Lab furniture manufacturers design and fabricate… (more…)