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Install Monitoring

The modernization in agriculture goes ahead with video technology! As in many other areas, surveillance cameras become more and more important in agriculture. In addition to the classical video surveillance from driveways or yard areas, cameras are used to control increasingly to control of the animal population. In the item field is diverse, from the video surveillance of the Melk… (more…)

Gave Points

Samsung vacuum cleaner robot is in the test of Robotersauger.NET with touch Robotsauger.NET 02/2012 of the new species of intelligent household helpers, has the test that examines the robot cleaners. Not long ago would have an independently-working vacuum likely spinning is called pure “science fiction”, today he conquered the market so very gradually. The test was also the Samsung NaviBot… (more…)

Surveillance Cameras

Pros and cons of surveillance cameras security cameras provide since 1942, when Siemens was a first plant with monitoring function on the market, for a high level of safety in supermarkets, banks, offices and private homes. They consist of highly sensitive and functional components, through the eineVideouberwachung of spaces and people can be. The main advantages that a surveillance camera… (more…)

Electronic Products

Online shopping of smartphones, cameras and co you can do nothing wrong, or? Electronics devices such as Smartphones, laptops or cameras are steadily being developed. Even if the user believes to have reached the peak of conceivable multimedia functionality, now long since he is disabused periodically, usually annually. The electronics industry does not sleep and awakens new needs at the… (more…)

Internet Training

Here the future specialists compete in their field”, so next Corinna Schulze, there is hardly a better comparison, where the own facilities with training.” It seems also Brian Hampel, freshly baked system administrator by perdata from Leipzig. He took part in the last year in the separation at the BFW Leipzig and could qualify for the national championships. My company… (more…)

Decals Production

What do I need to pay attention. Well, it is primarily the work, all of which are placed in a heading our work (although they are your or your not just not tell). There was a case When a young company showed another’s portfolio (with a fairly solid work), but when it became clear that it is not her work… (more…)