Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Man

In the current custom everything is guided for the productivity, and pain, the pleasure, the hatred, the love, the fear, and all the other emotions, violent, do not favor the efficiency productive, but obstacles impose it. therefore the good bourgeois education tends to neutralize them. For this already not if valley of the coarse way of the external repression, or… (more…)

Nicholas Gualda

We will see world-wide stars of the soccer to the living creature. In recent months, Hillary Clinton has been very successful. However this, for who only possesss high purchasing power therefore the ingressions will have high values. As an afterthought, it is better to follow seeing for the television, is cheaper, equal to the wage of the workers. In if… (more…)

Regal School

Although the academic production on politics you publish to have considerably evolved since the pioneering efforts of teorizao and ' ' modelizao' ' of its ' ' parents fundadores' ' , its initial formularizations continue to influence theoretical literature, the empirical research and the methods of analyze that they characterize the academic production contemporary on politics publish. From these initial… (more…)