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Philosophical Conscience

In turn, the theories critical-reprodutivistas demonstrate the kept out of society individual of different forms. The theory of the education system while symbolic violence detaches that the kept out of society individuals are the groups dominated in such a way in how much cultural the social bias for not possessing material effectiveness and resources symbolic, that is, for not possessing… (more…)

The Man

In the current custom everything is guided for the productivity, and pain, the pleasure, the hatred, the love, the fear, and all the other emotions, violent, do not favor the efficiency productive, but obstacles impose it. therefore the good bourgeois education tends to neutralize them. For this already not if valley of the coarse way of the external repression, or… (more…)

Wenchi Surgeons

Many years ago, Dr. Wenceslao Azabache taught not only the art of surgery in the operating theatres, but that he also taught young medical residents to respect this place and one of these measures was shut down the bulky Radio-Componentes David Zuta and other colleagues wore the surgical center to listen to Salsa and other tropical blaring rhythms while they… (more…)

Integrated Marketing Channels

It is no secret that the strategic marketing planning – a process that requires pre-preparation and good knowledge of the interests and habits of the target audience of the advertised product or service. Smart importance are the channels of information to potential customers. Suppose a company sells products for the industry, it would be logical to assume that its potential… (more…)

Technical Supervision

"It seems to be toned and not (because we paid coating on the glass). BUT! The coating should limit "VISIBILITY" with the driver's seat. What is "Visibility"? VISIBILITY – The property of the vehicle, determined by the driver to see a workplace outside the space vehicle. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has compatible beliefs. That is, in fact it is the… (more…)

The Customer

'We understand each other better, and it is very convenient when working professionally ", – notes, Ilya. On the other, come across clients who themselves want to buy each brush, and it's impossible. (A valuable related resource: Peter Thiel). 'First, the time is spent a lot of: Immediately take into account absolutely all spending will not work. And, actually, why… (more…)