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The youngster made everything that could to assist Mr. Daniel, deLuciana father, for the accomplishment of the burial of D.Ana, what alone girl for the youngster made to increase carinhoda. Mr. Daniel already had perceived the one interest pelooutro, and knowing of the will of Luciana of living far from the island, he saw that he would noadiantaria to argue… (more…)

Marcial People

In the way of that enormous boat of more than 60 meters, aturdidos for the racket motor it the vapor and for the hard jolt them waters, Clementino and Marcial aimed the beautiful landscape that if disclosed in each curve of the Old Chico, at a time where the deforestation still was incipient. Clementino was a born leader, conversador, counting… (more…)

Social Matter

Under one to look at dialtico critic we search to relate the consumption desire according to social and cultural estruturao in the country. We detach the intervention of the professional of Social Service in the relations of consumption as measured of prevention in programs of income transference. In special in regards to the State Program Young Action that it aims… (more…)