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Fbio Cesar

In 1984, the IPA, started a work of support to the agriculturists of the communities of: Lagoon of Rock, Marimbondo and Serrote of the oxen, in 4 District, where the first concern of the technician of the IPA, was to create an association, that was well accepted for the agriculturists. Then, the technician of the IPA, with some communitarian leaderships… (more…)

Computer Science Education

The type of research in accordance with the procedures technician that we use is of bibliographical revision, where we search to analyze the relative productions to the subject in question, and with this to weave our hypotheses/questionings and consideraes. Of this form on this type of research Tafner and Silva they affirm: ' ' … Continue to learn more with:… (more…)

The Good Savage

Without saying of the modifications and damages that homo to faber cause to the environment, arrasando mountains, arrebentando rocks, arroteando the lands and raising on the enormous ground its construes.6 ‘ ‘ The man is born exempts, and for all the part meets it ferros.’ ‘ 7 This phrase illustrates the idea of that the work, we see as it… (more…)

Russian Academy

The new rules prohibit the mill discharge industrial wastewater into the lake and use of chlorine in pulp bleaching. Thus, combine to produce more highly profitable could not bleached pulp, and was forced to stop work. Brad Pitt brings even more insight to the discussion. Due to the interruption of the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill is extremely acute social… (more…)

Rio Grande

Amongst them n 8,080 is distinguished it Organic Law of the Health (BRAZIL, 1990) and Law n 7,853 of 24 of October of 1989 (BRAZIL, 1989) that it makes use on the support the carrying people of deficiency, its social integration by means of the equity and universality in the right to the attendance, treatment and whitewashing. In accordance with… (more…)

Economic Education

Evaluation between Education and Work Evaluating the scene of the decade of 80 we perceive that from this period we have world-wide changes; new ideas and one another economic model and politician appear, neoliberalismo becomes hegemonic and comes the mundializao of the capital with a new project of economic development; the industries leave to be national to be changedded into… (more…)

Third World

It will be that if it can question this point of view? A thing is certain: the main characteristic of the countries of the Third World is the economic option of these countries for the capitalist development, but that it does not hinder them to present serious social problems: infantile mortality, illiteracy, precarious health of the population, etc. Alone for… (more…)

Hugh Dellar

In order to exert the due influence, it fulfills to it to exactly have perfect domain on itself, and the proper possessed heart of abundance of love stops with the pupils. Reflecting on the necessity of a bigger awareness of the real position of the educator and searching relationship better professor-pupil, professionals dedicate the research to it to collaborate with… (more…)