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Understanding PNL

The specialists who developed the PNL studied to those who they did the things of excellent way, those that in a particular field obtained excellence results found which was its formula and they provided means to us so that we do the same. The PNL is a model, not a theory. How to learn PNL: If you want to learn… (more…)

European Consortium

Superconducting cable transmits up to 17 MW transmission power and is armed up to 31,500 amp against short-circuits Hanover, April 2, 2009 cable manufacturer of Nexans and superconductor specialist Bruker HTS, Hanau, report the successful completion of the project of superconducting coated conductor cable\”(Super 3B A European Consortium has developed a 10 kV power cable on the basis of high-temperature… (more…)

Spears And Hilton Offer Strip Clubs

Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Both ladies are good for a headline. So again now. Has now become known both want to open a strip club in Las Vegas. And already there are again trouble between the two that now Britney Spears is upset with Paris Hilton. Britney is in Paris to have stolen their idea to steal the show… (more…)