Actual Class

Lately it is spoken much of the use of the Technologies of information and communication in the Education, especially in the university equation. But, that happens to the baccalaureate students? Will have matures they it to use you are tools to reinforce their studies. To use the video, the audio one, the Internet to reinforce its classes is present at and to find the possible answers to them to its doubts? I will find partial answers to those questions in this scholastic year where I am incorporating in my plan of activities the use of videos to reinforce the classes is present at to them. In the school I dictate classes of mathematical and physical, in both matters I am incorporating the video, which contains the complete class narrated by me, as if the student was in the classroom, he includes theory and exercises. In the classroom I show part to them of the video and the students do not leave their astonishment when they listen to my voice, declare that it is much dedication, express their astonishment with an immense smile, mainly when they see special effects or the use of the light pen.

I say to them: would take to their professor to their house. The idea is that they have a little independence when to study and they do not need a particular professor all along, that learns to use the technologies for the learning, that those that they are slow within a fast group can in its house repeat the class at its speed and can increase the curve of learning. There are many tools available in the market to realise these videos, but mainly the educational one must have the passion, love and dedication to prepare them, beyond becoming between the pupils, the intensity famous is that they learn and they have excellent qualifications. The video along with the rest of the tools of the Tics offers many advantages to youth, the majority of them take ipod, blackberry, iphone, psd, anyone of these equipment allows to take videos you and in any place they can study. We motivate the students to use the technology to the benefit of the studies.

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