Apple IPhone

Holsters for iPhone there are many, and even though when the firm Apple launched the iPhone first they were those who took out the corresponding covers, but now must say that large firms of fashion as Armani and Louis Vuitton saw an opportunity to make a new market and from little more than one year ago sell all kinds of covers that serve to protect and pass our phone look better. The success that luxury fashion brands, have decided to launch iPhone covers, is that in this way those who carry them can look some of the latest trends of each season applied to such cases. So things, if you buy Louis Vuitton covers can carry it with the print of the logo of the firm that has made them so famous. Others such as Swarovski, throw covers that serve only to protect the corners of the phone. MONTBLANC is another brand that recently launched its deiPhone covers, with an exquisite simplicity under the name of Meisterstuck, as one of their pens. The above-mentioned Armani, also already sells theirs, these very stylish and remind us a little books that opens and no up side down.

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