Eastern Astrology – an ancient art, which makes it possible to reveal the identity of the person, his disposition, characteristics, health, intention to work and ability, compatibility with other people. East horoscope is based on a decade of solar-lunar cycle, it is in their own turn, is subdivided into five elements – water, wood, fire, earth, metal – and the twelve animals: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, each of which corresponds to a personal year. At horoscope affect cosmic streams of Yin (feminine) and yang (male), they found a symbol of harmony and balance of the universe. Naturally, find out what your sign Rat or Snake – chagrin. It will not make any comparison, for example, the mythical dragon.

But in truth, and the rats and snakes used in China no less respect. Rat are clever and talented. A Snake in the Chinese popular stories – a charming and kind-hearted hero. It is believed that the eastern sign provides a significant strong impact on the personality and destiny. Some are given the topic: could the whole set of people born under one sign, in something similar? Eastern astrology is much deeper than might appear at first. The fact that a person's character is caused not just a sign of his birth, but also the time of day, the influence of Yin / Yang and five elements.

And nowadays many people pay attention to these Eastern astrology to determine the compatibility and possible future marriage, career prospects and the nature of man. Specifically the eastern horoscope to determine under what path will form a family of people, ie, How will marriage really is, not on what are the goals coming at him. In the eastern horoscope each character – this is part of certain features that characterize one or another animal, the five elements, the impact Yin / Yang. And one should always remember that all the data features will not necessarily be present in humans, it is only the likelihood that it will have them depending on what it will be a form.

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