Dentistry Today

Dentistry Today, it seems, all capable of. Dramatically improve your appearance by using tooth whitening, dental solve any complex problem, to restore lost teeth. Even if you have not left Teeth – modern implants in something even better. Dentistry is constantly improving technology and equipment, clinics pick qualified, provide them with professional growth. Come up with the times and dental… (more…)

Creating Great Relationships

Having a good education, knowledge updated, strength, discretion, character, personality, behavior, are key to a relationship of absolute trust. Intuition, intelligence order to accommodate as many topics as possible and do it without stress and in "good form" is essential to support an intuitive and intelligent secretary. Being a good secretary Safety is knowing what the boss needs, think and… (more…)


Do you look at your cousin's house and you were not? Why did you come so late from work, they always come out at four? CONTROL: How you spend all the money I give you, or you win? What do you want to go there, better wait for me and I'll take you? To me those friends that you do… (more…)

American Government

It is a clear manipulation of the PRI in the media because it insists on calling attention to something that is not new, nor will be the first nor the last alliance What was not previously disqualified? Or is that really such alliances are not at whim and convenience? Why not previously questioned, criticized and attacked both these alliances, much… (more…)

Second Spanish Republic

After a process approach to the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), he joined in 1919. He finished his studies he worked as municipal architect in the city of Madrid. In July 1921 he married Mercedes Rodriguez Perez. 20 April 1931, published an article in the journal Justice of Almeria, in which he said: "After some hours of restlessness in signaling the… (more…)

Ken Wilber

The eye of reason gives us knowledge of the truths of philosophy, designing this way highlights the perception of God through the mind and eye of contemplation that reveals the true healing. (Wilber, 2006). Dr. Gallegos on a classification of Intelligences, the eye of the meat gives the correspondence of the emotional intelligence of Gardner and classified as level 1,… (more…)

Business Online

Try to take the time to learn everything about a particular issue and thus get to write your newsletter and good attract subscribers to its newsletter and generate traffic to your site. Then I will reveal 5 tips to keep in mind as you decide to start your own newsletter. 1. Make sure your newsletter content is owned by or… (more…)

Dimension Work

Spiritual consciousness is the essence of holistic education that lead to the perception of truth, goodness and beauty that is life. It manifests as a deep connection with himself and with others, a sense of meaning and purpose in everyday life. Education must cultivate the healthy growth of the spiritual life, rather than do violence to constant evaluation and competition,… (more…)

Top Grading And How It Can Help You

A high percentage of organizations place their workers on their ability to climb and is a decision each according to their stated policies, but that’s a completely different policy. Companies that effectively use the “topgrading” use the following types: players 1st, 2nd and 3rd according to the charges currently being occupied by them. 1st player represents 10% of top talent,… (more…)

Business Leadership

Mario Morales, gives us the importance that this very clear in what represents the organizational culture and context, reminds us that organizational culture is a system of values, beliefs and behaviors that are consolidated and shared in the daily passing of the company. The leadership style of management, standards, procedures, means they use, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of people within… (more…)

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