Automatic Identification

Barcodat euro ID in Berlin the Dornstetten Barcodat GmbH presents itself at the international trade fair of the 5th 07.04.2011 at the international trade fair for techniques of automatic identification in Berlin on the AIM booth. The medium-sized company from the data collection industry has been for years. Under the motto of quality assurance through automated with barcodes, the supplier of AutoID systems advises comprehensively to all areas of the automatic data acquisition. Label printing is shown with a bar code printer without connecting to a PC. Simply enter the data via the keyboard or bar code scanner and the label is printed. This solution is suitable for Commons, which are operated on a temporary basis or even for inventories, where to be must be tagged immediately. Highlight of the event is the tracking & tracing theatre.

Is shown here in a life scenario, offered by the various techniques of the industry. Direct marking (DPM), RFID, barcode, 2D code, pick by voice or pick by light are in a complete logistics chain shows. Is Barcodat. During the guided tours, visitors gain a quick overview of the use of automatic data collection techniques. It is then easier with the party in the conversation to come.

The now 6 edition of the popular 2D-Code-Fibel is released just in time for the euro ID. This brochure informs structure, data content and error correction options short and understandable. She contain information on standardization, specification and availability of codes. Vivid examples provide the user with useful information for the practical economic use of 2D codes. The codes from the area have been re-recorded mobile tagging and the Chinese 2D codes. The brochure can be requested free of charge at Barcodat. On the website in the Academy area there is an order form, which is just filled out and sent. Uwe Renn, BARCODAT GmbH

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