Cabral Steps Joo Freire Ribeiro Barreto Pear

Inah, with an amiable smile, but certainly, with one pontinha of vitiates, said without losing the classroom: ' ' I understand well the vocs very poetas' '. Such understanding that, in fact, age existed in integral degree, for the Freire, repaid with an intense love engrandecido for the recognition and admiration. It always esteem the company of the wife wanted in any place for where it was. IN the SERVICE OF the MUSES Since the primrdios of sergipana literature when they had appeared in the Ranch our first poets, appreciable number of primorosos singers has appeared in our way. In the century where we find in them, considering only the deceaseds whom they have lived here or, at least passing in the land cradle most of the existence, standes out four great names that go cited in the order of the respective births: Joo Barreto Pear tree Antonio Pink Garci’a Joo of the Cabral Steps Joo Freire Ribeiro Barreto Pear tree, that in Rio De Janeiro was part of the group of the great national poets Olavo Bilac, Raymond Guimares Leather strap Steps, Alberto de Oliveira, Emilio de Menezes and others, became well known.

' ' Maria, its inspired composition, cheated in the country the widest spreading in the start of this century. Author of some books, nor all published, ' ' Forests Cus' ' it motivated consagradores at the time compliments of Junqueiro War of its launching. It passed in the year findo the centenarian of its birth. Pink Garci’a, delicious the lyric one, one of more the Brazil notables has produced, whose name won the resistance of a modstia without limits. For proper action never he would have left cocoon where voluntarily if enclausurara in the hill of Saint Antonio; she was necessary that Jackson de Figueiredo projected in the literary world filigree jewels of delicadssimo poet. Finally, two new: Steps Cabral and Freire Ribeiro.

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