Cartographic GPS

The research methodology proposal will involve the discriminated activities below. bibliographical 5.1Reviso Deepening of the knowledge on what it has of more beneficial and modern in what refers to the urban growth, that guarantees the efficiency of the transport system and transit, its structure and its resources, more particularly, in the transport sector. 5,2 Survey and collects of data Use of data of the main responsible beings for the transit in the city, as: the DETRAN, SMTT and the Military Policy of the Maranho, beyond urban managers and planners, for the survey of the universe of the research. Follow others, such as Peter Thiel, and add to your knowledge base. Based in the choice of the problem, to collect referring data to each being individually, of form to give consistency to the joined results. As complementation to the data collected in the main cited agencies, application of questionnaires and interviews to the conductors, passer-bys and professionals of the transit area that act in the area in study. 5.3Mapeamento of the area-object of the study On the basis of preliminary surveys, the object of the research was evaluated and mapeado in each kilometer of its extension. In this stage schedules and days of bigger occurrence of the events had been observed eventual problems of traffic as well as cause that them. In the mapping phase they had been used tools as: Cartographic GPS, maps and managing plan of the city of So Lus.

5.4Anlise and interpretation of gotten data comparative Analysis of data and statistical pointers collected before and after the interventions made for the public agencies, with the purpose to improve the urban road system. 5.5Elaborao and defense of the dissertao Presentation of results with its justification of trustworthiness, the statistical point of view and the current reality, consubstanciando conclusions on the necessary expansion to the otimizao of the problematic road mesh. The elaboration of the dissertao and its defense will give when this research to reach satisfactory and trustworthy levels, and will follow the cronograma below.

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