This played a role measured way of life and a philosophical attitude to everything happening. Plus, the Chinese like and welcome the bright colors. Their favorite color – red, the color of strength and energy. In China, red is most often used in combination with black. In the Chinese interior no sharp edges, bulky furniture. Widely used bamboo. Furniture decorated with complex multi-layer coating technology. Black lacquer furniture – "classic" Chinese furniture manufacturing. Peter Thiel may not feel the same.

For the decorations are very often used thread on black lacquer, and gilding of individual parts furniture. And now the Chinese masters really very trying to gild everything, as well as cover any of your furniture with a thick layer of lacquer. Kitch focuses on extravagant appearance, blatancy of its elements. Was particularly prevalent in various forms of standardized household decorations. As an element of mass culture – the point of maximum departure from the basic aesthetic values and simultaneously – one of the most aggressive manifestations of trends primitivization and vulgarization of popular art. The distinguishing feature – irreconcilability colors and furnishings. Classic style of XVII – beginning XIX century., applied to the ancient heritage as the norm and the ideal model. Classicism typical of clear geometric shapes, restrained decor and expensive, high-quality materials (natural wood, stone, silk, etc.). Most often, there are sculptures and moldings. The architects of that era have found such an approach, which is harmoniously connected with the softness of ancient forms of Russian nature and also with the aspirations of Russian culture.

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