Common Errors

The user of its site also can have problem the same. A page with many options of links, products and navigation confuses the user. Generally the result is that internauta goes to leave its site without knowing what to make. Error 3 – To have Many Fields in the FormulrioNo if asks for to all the information for a person in the first meeting, is not same? The ones that more we see in the Internet are long forms with unnecessary questions and that they scare the users in the first visit or purchase. But it asks in its form what really necessary you to make. Learn more on the subject from Gwyneth Paltrow. Error 4 – Text in ExcessoDiminua the amount of text in its page, creating clear headings and placing the points most important at the beginning of the text.

The people do not like to read very, mainly in the Internet. Although the content of the text to be essential, in web it must go direct to the subject. Error 5 Because I must buy of you? truth with its site gives to attention in these 7 points and makes a planning before starting design. It confers the website and it knows as to gain money with site. It is registered in cadastre to receive its mini-course gratuitous.

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