Common Myths About Hoodia

Myth number 1 low quality chinese phones and Chinese products in general. When the Chinese industry only started to gain momentum in its rapid development, our markets were filled to the brim with low-grade Chinese consumer goods. But time moves on and the Chinese industry is not standing still. Moreover, increasingly in recent years China began to prophesy the future superpower. This is due to the fact that today the Chinese products so was the match as a global standard that many companies are happy to put their logos on products made in China. It's in the old days of China came to us, just clothes, shoes and jewelry, now more than 30% of total Chinese exports of various high quality electrical engineering and equipment. Commercial networks around the world trust their products and buy in bulk. Myth number 2 The assembly Chinese phones.

This myth stems from the myth number 1 and is associated with the stereotype of the quality of products made in China. It is believed that copies of the phone, including a copy of Verty, going "on my knees" "candlelight" in the basement premises. In fact, all the telephones and mobile phones are going up on one and the factories, and Chinese plants occupied a huge territory and have huge production capacity. A low price on Chinese copies Phone justified the low cost of labor and mass produce them. Myth number 3 copy or original? The original one phone at a cost significantly higher than the Chinese copy.

2 Original phones as well as copies of phone Verty trimmed in leather, abrasive with time, despite the way it was treated. Joystick stiffness and wear the same key characteristic of the copies of the phone, and to their originals. 3 original phones as bearings and a number of internal parts, which no one can see, the gems are used, considerably increasing the cost of the original phone. 4 In making the case expensive metal used for the original phones, mobile phones and for copies of the alloy is very similar in appearance to the precious metal. The quality of manufacture of the hull Chinese Vertu phone can be compared only with by Verty. To spend on original phone Verty an amount equal to the value of a good foreign car, even very wealthy people do not always agree. Myth number 4 Effect of chinese mobile phones on health. As soon as it comes to China phone, make sure you can hear that these phones are harmful to health because of its light, that their batteries may explode even in the hands, and they do not meet any standards of quality. However, it is remember the extremely strict laws of China when the question concerns the infliction of bodily harm. If you have any doubts, consider the case that a couple of years ago, "boomed" in the entire civilized world, when there was poisoning of children dairy products of one Chinese company. The court Shijiazhuang City sentenced to death for employees who have made it. It was fear of such consequences, manufacturers and mobile technology, including a very high emphasis on safety to human health. Before you believe the myths, we should pay attention to what an enormous demand Chinese copy phones.

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