Constructive Classical

The Italian kitchen furniture at that time was deserved status as one of the most practical, elegant and durable. After all, these dishes were made from only natural precious wood. Italian classrooms and living rooms in the 15-17 centuries, became the most popular elements of the interior, both in Italy and throughout Old Europe. After a hundred years after the onset of the Italian furniture industry, namely sixteenth century, the furniture manufactured in Italy got its new look – a luxurious gilt. Gilded details of classic furniture forced to admire the unique ensemble of furniture in the interior of the premises, and anyone never leave one indifferent. In addition to a luxurious gilt appearance of a classic Italian furniture absorbed immense unique form.

It is the sixteenth-century furniture from Italy, takes its tremendous form, the Italian Cabinet consists of massive cabinets and tables and chairs, living room gain wider seats. In addition to the elegant sweep of shapes and sizes Renaissance kitchens and living rooms were lavishly decorated with images of Roman gods and the battle scenes. Later, in the 17 th and 18 th century classical Italian furniture became really popular in most European countries. Italian kitchens, offices, living rooms and libraries were is an integral and even necessary element of the rich villas of palaces and mansions. And with each passing year the growing popularity of Italian furniture and changed its appearance. Furniture craftsmen from Italy are making every effort that their furniture was associated with grandeur, affluence and refined taste. It was at this time, the classic examples of Italian furniture is made exclusively from the beginning of valuable timber.

Constructive Classical furniture is becoming more complex, some of its elements are characterized by elegance of manual work. Forever young Baroque brings new elements into the classical form of Italian furniture. Ever since the Italian furniture starting to make in the form of wild animals and decorate handmade jewelry and very expensive materials – that's the most important factor in the approval, describing the furniture from Italy. And it is precisely on this, the Italian kitchens, classrooms, libraries and living rooms since the eighteenth century became the exclusive luxury and elegance. In Russia there are all of only one furniture factory, which in its production uses all the best achievements of Italian furniture craftsmen. This furniture factory is located in the heart of Moscow and has since 2003 encouraged its customers unmatched product quality and subtle relation to the details of the production exclusive classic furniture. Keeping all the ancient forms, the classical coloring and use in the manufacture of only the fine wood, keeping exactly all the details, patterns and wood carving, furniture produced in the Factory Marco Mobili won deserved popularity among fans of the classic forms of Italian furniture.

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