Cosmic Triumph

This explains why the whole of how many first astronauts left the moon for a plate with the inscription: 'We have come together with a name only human'. Why entrust such a letter for a lifeless planet? I will not quote the news American astronaut, taken up by radio amateurs, the huge objects in the Moon, with whom were followed for earthlings. In the course of a flight 'Apollo' is often accompanied by a UFO. It is likely, as inhabitants of the moon created a situation the Americans, who did some filming about the idyllic picture of cosmic triumph could not be the same speech. May remain, even if the Americans have indicated in torchmya door …

In such circumstances, without a break out for shooting the moon, of course 'were classified equally for urgently had to make' lime '. Program but the 'Apollo' was not executed until the end about the real achievements of her, probably known only to behold the perpetrators. Mysterious as further share astronauts then fly to the moon. In the course of ages to be mysteriously killed 11 person involved to program 'Apollo' … Proponents version of 'cheating the moon' believe that these people did not want to hide away the secret for a hoax, along with plantings for the moon. Perhaps these people were removed, and a follow-on how much they did not want to keep silence about the meeting with the aliens to the moon. The remaining well within the living astronauts on the extent or other turned to religion, or parapsychology, capable, moon saga provided for them so strongly influenced by how much was the turning point in their lifetime.

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