Digital Technologies

… Every inch of it buildings lives a mysterious life, all glare and overflows, flows from one state to another. Concrete, glass, ceramics, gold, fabric, painting, art, complementing each other and harmonizing with each other, creating peculiar, brilliant and a little funny style of Gaudi, once outdid "modern" in which he lived and worked. As in ancient times and today, in an era of high-speed digital technologies and the tree remains one of the most actual construction and decorative materials. People never cease to appreciate this living matter with an exciting game of the dark streaks on a light background, the inevitable knots, rings and stains that each tree as individual as the line of fate in the hands of man. And even in supermodern house with a severe minimalist interior design tree is often present as a flooring or panels from the bark of the cork oak tree on the floor, items of furniture situation, elements of decor. Does not yield a tree in the popularity of ancient, life-giving and brutal element – fire, the only natural element that causes both conflicting feelings: awe and admiration, a sense of comfort and danger. Fire in the modern interior – is, first of all, fireplaces and a system of vertical flame, such as "Cyclone" by Heat & Glo, where the twisting tornado-type languages flame enclosed in glass cylinder. They are used as a stand-alone design, and as a wall decoration, the space is saturated with a nervous, fluttering light, creating a fanciful play of colors and shades to drastically changing the surrounding reality.

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