Energy Control Organization

Doves network circulates in the form of tablets and is normally sold as if MDMA or Ecstasy. It can cause hyperactivity, among other negative consequences and hyperthermia. The Energy Control Organization has warned entry into Spain of a synthetic drug, known commercially as Doves network, whose composition is related to fatal poisonings in several European countries. The collective, dependent on the Welfare Association NGO and development (ABD), has discovered the presence of this product in Spain to 30 samples of such substances arrivals from throughout the Spanish territory and sold via the Internet. On the website of Energy Control informs the ctos of this drug, which includes among the legal high, whose composition is MDPPP, 4-MEC, PMMA, a substance that has not been identified and a diluent (inorganic salts or sugars). We warned both users and its distributors the PMMA is extremely toxic, indicates this platform citizen created in 1997 in Barcelona, at the time that discouraged its consumption and sale. Also adds that the ctos of the combination with other particles as MDPPP or 4-MEC increase uncertainty and the likelihood of suffering adverse ctos.

In the analysis informs that it is a controlled substance at the international level, that comes to be a hybrid between PMA and methamphetamine. It has circulated in the form of tablets and normally has been sold as if it were MDMA or Ecstasy and causes stimulating ctos and empatogenos. Unfortunately in the last year have been appearing several samples both in powder and tablet of PMA and PMMA in Northern Europe, requires the organization. During the year 2010, 9 deaths in Denmark have been confirmed by speeds that contained as active substance PMMA and also in the Netherlands have been located some pills and various powders that were between 5% and 10% of this product. CTOs of the Energy Control drug clarifies that the active dose is very close to be toxic and can cause hyperactivity, and hyperthermia among other negative consequences. Thus, on the one hand produces an inhibition of reuptake of neurotransmitters (dopamine, norepifrina and serotonin), catecolaminicos in addition to a release of them. The sum of these two actions can cause very dangerous for people alterations: syndrome hiperserotoninergico, hyperthermia and increased tension, among other symptoms. Energy precise Control which is a controlled substance in Spain, since order SCO/1996/2002, of 15 July, includes the PMMA in the list which regulates psychotropic products. Source of the news: alert entry into Spain of a synthetic drug that causes fatal poisonings

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