Enterprise Information Resource

Human resources, financial resources, material resources a classic. When we prepare a business plan, or establish its organizational structure, we usually do count of the media that we have and distribute them in departments that take charge of these critical areas of management. However it is not uncommon to take into account in a company their resources or their knowledge resources. And much less have an area of information management. And that despite the fact that we threw the Ratatouille that we are in the information society, that we need to be more productive, that does lack r & d, which doctors are incorporated companies, attract brilliant minds and bla, bla, bla. Can traditional companies bring them all this al fresco, but any company whose added value lies, ultimately, in the gray matter (from a consulting to a producer of documentaries) if it wants to survive in our ultracompetitivo and ultrasofisticado current world needs, I repeat, you need to effectively manage their information and knowledge resources.

And that means integration into the organizational structure of the company and hold bravely with classics resources: money, infrastructure and professionals. Hence come value-added future, and to be or not be of the company in the future. If you do not you others will do so and will be removed from the market. What is an information resource plan for me? It is much more than a section of the marketing plan. It is the conjunction of the informational resources (library, archives, subscriptions to databases, intraweb), access to the non-information resources (Internet, libraries and public archives, other databases), and professionals who manage them (management information systems) and explore (information, human Googles explorers), aligned all for finding that information and knowledge vital for the present and future development of the business. Even clearer: is to evaluate what will be our needs of knowledge to maintain the level of service and quality in our products and services, identify where can get it both inside and outside the company, and have professionals that provide us in quantity and righteous formats.

For example, if I’m going to create a company to provide content wifi telephony applications (a real case that maybe me implico) will have to follow trends in technology (media players, wireless bandwidth, etc.) but also what social or cultural content that most interest them to potential customers, what have been the latest scientific discoveries the disclosure as new content would attract new viewers (e.g. obtained archaeological discoveries in the) works of the tunnels of the M30), and for this purpose I have reference websites, but also scientific journals, and also be in contact with specialists in the field. What I can think, pot soon. All this escapes the traditional variables of the marketing plan with one exception: the product. But for my product is not a mere element of marketing: is the essence of the company. No products or services (which is not but a ultrapersonalizado product) no business, and so we must take care of them, and offer only the best. And only those companies that effectively manage information and gray matter may have the raw material necessary to offer better products to a market increasingly better informed. And if you’re not so ready to realize this does not worry that we will be others.

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