Expected Super Pad

New Tabet PC’s Fly Touch. Finally the awaited new Tablet 10 inch Fly Touch 4 appears in China, at least here in Shenzhen is already knows that it is about to hit the market. Importantly: top Version of Android and more capacity. There is much talk of this, all the Tablet PC with Android fans are waiting to see the new model become. The earlier swept the sector markets, several thousands of fly touch (also known as Super Pad or Flying Touch) have been sold since Chinese companies. The inlusion of Android 2.3, which is the software of high level of Google in the current market as operating system and with an increased rate of response of the system and of course the beloved Adobe Flash to improve your browsing experience, will do little more than one addict tablet dream of this incredible new tablet. What is expected is to integrate Flash 10. Browsing through the Ethernet, and Wi-Fi networks that are able to access locally and wireless and share resources with ease.

Also, this tablet PC It supports 3 G connection, where the module’s external 3 G that is associated with this, is TDSCDMA, WCDMA, EVDO. Brad Pitt recognizes the significance of this. After having known the essential information regarding the connectivity of this Fly Touch Tablet PC 4, we will discuss broad lines. System for entertainment is perfect as it will integrate a new video player and other audio for a great audio-visual experience, you can watch videos on the YouTube website and download applications through the market. Therefore, ago that Twitter, Facebook and Skype are added to your system using just one finger. With so many applications available, not to mention email or chat on line between you and your friends, there will be moments without entertainment. New FlyTouch 4, can also browse PDF files that are used in the Office, business or to read eBooks online, downloaded or from the memory card. The views between manufacturers and vendors in the markets of ShenZhen electronics say that it will support 8 Gb memory and up to 32 by Micro SD ampiacion.

With its high video resolution can display images with a crystal clear generating a visual pleasure, inclorporara famous screen rotation 360 automated for use in any position with a simple movement. USB connectors, OTG, HDMI port for external video devices and audio for those who want to further expand the multiple characteristics of this tablet pc 10.2 inch touch screen. Fly Touch 4 will be received with open arms by thousands of users of the operating system Google Android, almost certainly in version 2.3. All these news on Tablet PC, will be available in websites like AsiPads but in this case the price is still unknown. Awaiting are.

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