What began as a case of success, with 1.7 million units sold during the first four days, threatens to become the biggest disaster in the history of Apple. The company invited tomorrow July 16, 2010 the press to clarify the alleged iPhone 4 reception problems, while there is speculation about a possible massive replacement of already sold phones. Apple has denied to have proof of the problem before launching the terminal market, and since the competition up comedians still throwing fuel to the fire. Again Apple falls on the stock exchange by the harsh criticism received from various media, among the most prominent different magazines of the United States, and also consumer appear especially the giant technological rivals more direct from Apple such as: Google, Nokia, HP, Adobe, Microsoft’s own among others. Apparently the experience of Apple which had in the past with its Macintosh systems which was diesmada by the arrival of Microsoft’s Windows, not bring nothing to undertaking team to avoid a recida in that type of errors, which again returns fall in expeculaciones on its products that threaten to unseat back to the multinational.?

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