Factory Technologies

Our new range – is the machine of a different generation, and the creation of promising new models – one of the areas over which constantly work in a factory. Credo of the plant – to continually work on updating the range, to improve the quality and reliability of the machine and it does not increase the price on it. During 2002 the plant was never raised their prices. What are the trends in the secondary market tractor? Secondary market for technology exists, and it objectively. It develops quite independently. Any powerful technique, whether agricultural tractor or a road construction machine, operated in more than intense. The task of the plant – rather than compete with the secondary market for equipment, how to produce new products that could really give much better results.

The new tractor must not break, and work productively. A good farmer for three years he had paid for itself, and then the landlord can sell it to someone who is not able to buy a new one. He will exploit it for another three years. Thus is born the secondary market vehicles. The same thing happens in other countries. In order to pay off, the technique must be constantly work, and 2,5-3 thousand hours per year for her – not the limit, and the figure is close to normal. Y 'Kirovtsa' rules of use safely overlap in 1,5-2 times. We have data on tractors, and spent 20 and 25 years, and they continue to successfully work.

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