Fidel Castro

This number would increase until a million three hundred thousands in next the three years or 40% of the employees with the objective to reduce the costs of the State, to improve the efficiency and the productivity of the aggravated Cuban economy. The country undergoes important deficiencies of structural type, like the shortage of intermediate goods for the productive process or the distortions in the prices as a result of a type of sobreestimated official exchange rate, to which there is to add external factors. Among them, the punishment caused by three hurricanes that in 2008 left losses for 10,000 million dollars and the global recession that affected the income coming from the tourism and of the nickel exports very negatively, two of its main sources of income.

According to data of the Cepal (Economic Commission for Latin America), the GIP of Cuba was placed in the 1.4% in 2009 and the 1.9% in 2010, against 4.1% of 2008. With the reform of the Cuban economic model, that nonrupture with the Revolution initiated in 1959, is tried to rectify errors. Among them, most important ” to think that somebody knew of socialism, or that somebody knew of how it constructs socialismo” , it said to ex- president Fidel Castro the past month of November, remembering a considered speech historical that it gave in the University of Havana in 2005. A year later, in 2006, Fidel Castro yielded the presidency to its brother Raul by reasons for health, becoming this one last one the incentive of the economic reforms in the island. Ever since he assumed the power, Raul I castrate has delivered numerous speeches in which one complained the low productivity of the Cuban workers and the fiscal estrecheces of the government. He has gotten to affirm ” we cannot continue spending over the income since he would be to eat the future and to put in risk the same survival of the Revolucin” The smaller doubt does not fit than to Cuba it has favored to him in addition, the great aid that Venezuela has contributed to him in all the aspects, mainly contributing petroleum to him.

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