Means of freezing the walls. TEPLOS-top – keep your house warm! Many Russian citizens throughout their lives faced with an issue as the cold in houses and apartments, freezing outside walls, and draft a permanent cold in stairwells and hallways. Traditional measures used by utilities services, such as sealing joints with polyurethane foam, an emergency measure – mineral wool insulation (very ecologically "impure product!") practically solve the problem or solve it only in part. A disturbed and oppressed people chill write countless complaints to various DEZy or REU. In this long-term problems we inherited from the mass construction and residential issues of Soviet times, there is a simpler solution.

Until recently, it remained the property of Western civilization. However, the company, "Dwight", productively working on the market leading paint technology since 1996, has developed and introduced into production a unique liquid insulation – insulated paint TEPLOS-Top, which copes with the freezing walls, pipes, windows, balconies, loggias business and residential facilities, sports facilities, exhibition halls and facilities. Insulated paint TEPLOS Top – a material that is environmentally friendly (water-emulsion paint), easy to use and inexpensive compared to traditional ways and means of warmth, and why is widespread in the construction and heat. However, the quality of the product, its technological properties make active use of its private homeowners and renters. Insulated paint is applied is quite simple: as a simple paint or putty kityu spatula. Agree that the Russians are accustomed to make repairs by their hands, this process is very familiar.

When large volumes in industry and construction insulated paint is applied to a paint sprayer airless spray. A heat-reflective effect, allowing to keep the heat up to 50% (previously took for "Heating" the street) in the house, makes a strong TEPLOS Top player in the liquid insulation, and can successfully compete with conventional insulating materials. The company "Dwight" aims to do this stuff accessible to the greatest possible number of consumers and can be purchased at any hardware stores. On the Internet you can buy insulated results for the online store paint-LUX company "Dwight (, as well as by calling main office in Moscow, or from regional dealers. Beware of counterfeit goods, not to be disappointed in the effectiveness of insulated paint! TEPLOS Top – certified, patented s protected material Russian zokonodatelstv

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