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With’s what on the ears! Music emphasises moods, improved mood and their favorite music recharges the battery for the everyday life. Every day is only half as good without the musical accompaniment and the new technology offers many possibilities, but the old record can come up with a very own character and thereby awaken many memories. New songs as MP3 and old sweetie on vinyl are usually the result of a decade-long passion home. While the once beloved shellac become orphaned often, because the record player is missing or defective. However, the discs will enjoy a resurgence with its very own charm! The online shop for turntables and accessories offers spare parts for many old appliances and new turntables here online to order. The Fono shop can offer not only a wide selection of quality equipment, but also the perfect service for fans of vinyl records. From the bargain turntable complete packages with hood up to equipment well-known brands you can order everything online and also the cleaning service for the own old honey can be seen. Each turntable sounds like the Spa at like on the first day and with needles or the well-stocked shop for turntables and accessories can serve Tonearms. Bring brands and 25 years expertise as a team who loves plates and his old turntable back in form or Exchange for a new high-quality brand device will, has the best chance at Here you will find all known brands from A to Z and also spare parts for the beloved

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