Information Technology

The main issues for discussion were: The use of business opportunities offered ITOptimizatsiya IT infrastructure Ways and means of overcoming the "barriers" Formation of CIS architecture by "natural selection" That's the practical aspects of these issues interest both experts and audiences. The second day of the Congress was held under the theme "Creating (building) of the IT infrastructure by use IT as a service. " Two thematic block "New IT market and the 'home market' IT services 'and' Practice 'home market' of IT services, as well as the discussion" Using Sourcing – theory or practice? " should disclose the proposed topic. Prior to the Eighth Congress were: Mazur, Vadim, director of the Ukrainian representative 1C – Development of technologies 1C.. " Temtsunik Paul, director UNF direction of the company, "Needles Integra -" 1C: Manage a small company – a new solution for Ukraine. "Chernikov Alexander, 1C Ukraine" – "1C: PDM '2.1 – a new version of the product for manufacturing companies." Oleg Scherbatenko, CEO of 'Information Technology' – Project Management integrated in the ERP-system IT-Enterprise Vladimir Lunin, director of the Company KSIKOM SERVICE – "Draft DeloPro Online – using a model SaS (Software-as-a-Service) for minimize upfront investments, "Valentin Eliseev, project manager of system integration, SI BIS LLC – The Way to Dynamic infrastructure. Sourcing Sergei Danishevsky, Executive Director, International Center for Innovative Technologies Unitech – 1C Rent "The majority of the speakers were experts from the ensuing discussion, the main theme is: The impact of cloud technologies on the role of IT Director at Transforming IT management systems using IT as a Services Readiness companies to use cloud technologies dynamic IT infrastructure discussed points raised in the presentations as well as practical questions of the participants of the Congress.

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