Installation Products

Polystyrene-fiber concrete (PsFB) – the material for the construction of underground parts of various buildings brick and wood, commonly used in the recent past, when underground construction is now almost completely driven concrete products having excellent values for most of the design characteristics. However, indicators such as the volume weight of material and products of it makes in some cases, seek alternative. This occurs, for example, when you need to build in areas not accessible to the travel arrangements of heavy automotive, construction, crane and other equipment. Our specialists. developed and mastered technology for manufacturing polystyrene-fiber-reinforced concrete (PsFB), was successfully produced and applied in experimental batches of products from it. Among them – the ring casing – designs for wells, sewer, water, and connected gas pipeline networks, the support plate and floor slabs, foundation and plinth blocks, tubing, cutting ring, the ring of the slope, the elements of the device thermal cameras, trays, for pipes, and many others PsFB – prepared by composite material.

Products, depending on destination, can be both carcass (steel or plastic frame), and frameless. Apply the material density of 500 kg/m3. Strength of the material may reach 25-30 MPa. The main advantage of the material – light weight. For example, the casing ring (wells) inside diameter 1.0m, height 0.9m can weigh in 6-8 times less than similar concrete. Work on movement and on Installation of products from PsFB performed manually, without using a special lifting cranes. Gazelle car carries the same products PsFB volume as kamaz or zil same concrete products.

PsFB not afraid of abrupt changes in temperature, fire, wind, contact with soils and groundwater, the impact of mold, mildew, corrosion, ultraviolet radiation (allows you to store items on the open space a long time). Does not require cathodic or what – or other protection from corrosion. Possible applications of products from PsFB extensive. This – hydro and road construction, housing, agriculture and gas supply, and moe Min. Defense, summer and individual building, construction of a remote mountain, taiga areas and in areas of permafrost, in carrying out repair work on heating systems, plumbing, and the device intake, septic tanks, drainage systems, water treatment and recycling unit wells sewage manhole installation of various systems for receiving sewage and rainwater from the specific content of mineral sludge for the device pumping sewage from flooded pumps, as a fixing material in the sinking of vertical shafts of mine workings (in exploration), and much, much more. Material for need a good subject to cover with polyester resins, cement and bituminous compounds. The available technology allows with minimal cost to deploy as soon as possible manufacture of a PsFB -built conditions in almost any terrain. PsFB best combination of technical, operational and cost characteristics and is an alternative to traditionally produced products from concrete in underground construction in remote areas and in remote, impenetrable areas.

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