Installing Air Conditioners

When installing the copper pipe in cold water for a capillary-gap brazing alloys are best suited brazetec. Installation of cooling systems, air conditioning and oil lines is best done by brazing. Do not contain basically cadmium solders BrazeTec, guarantee a high seal strength. The use of solders BrazeTec possible for all operating temperatures from – 200 C to 200 C. Alloys, whose composition does not include zinc, are particularly well suitable for dynamic loads that arise during the operation. – The problem of the condensate, which occurs when the work of any cooling device, is correct at the moment. When the air conditioner in cooling mode, the air located in the refrigerated room condenses on the evaporator in the form of moisture, which then flows along the edges of the heat exchanger in a special pan. Most often, in order to remove moisture accumulates in pan condensate by gravity out through the drain hose. However, there are cases where installation conditions do not provide an opportunity to leave the condensate sump by gravity. In such cases you must use drain pump.

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