Internet Advertising

Google representatives have made the forecast about what changes await the Internet advertising market in the next five years. Representatives of Google, speaking at the iab conference in New York, spoke about the prospects of online advertising in the next five years. The main thesis presentation by Barry Saltzman (Barry Salzman), Managing Director, Google, Media, Google has stated in his blog. According to Google, Internet advertising of the future – in particular, banner ads – will use individual approach to the user and imply a response from his side. Up to 50% of all online ad campaigns will include video ads – with the decision whether he wants to watch movie or not, he takes user. Money from the advertiser is taken for the number of hits video.

It is also quite common to buy advertising space on sites on the principle of the auction, which takes place in real time. Most advertisements will be viewed not from a pc, but from the screens of mobile devices. Up to 75% of the advertising banners on the web are "social". This means that users can leave comments to those ads, "share" it with friends, or to subscribe to a similar ad format. The existing assessment of the effectiveness of advertising on the number of clicks on the banner does not give a full assessment of the picture, according to Google. Therefore, in future will be presented additional means of measuring effectiveness – their number is not less than five. In 2015 the online advertising market will be measured in billions at the same conference, Google demonstrated a number of its own development in field of advertising technologies.

This, above all, TrueView – a service that will allow the user to skip uninteresting video ads and go directly to view video. In this case, the money an advertiser will not be charged. TrueView Google announced in late June. It is also likely that YouTube will offer the user a few commercials to choose from. Another development of Google, dubbed "designer banner, linked to technology companies Teracent, which IT-giant bought in 2009. It allows you to adjust the banner under the theme of a particular site and personal data of a specific user.

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