Internet Traffic With Articles

What one item can Increase Your Web Traffic by 100% or More? Previously we talked about how important it is to have good content within the website through articles and also submit these articles to content directories and place the signature of the article to refer readers to the site. Related to this many of our subscribers, we ask questions about what is most effective in increasing your web traffic using this strategy? And if it is also advantageous and appropriate to do both with the same item? "The answer to these questions is" yes. "Publish articles on the site with good content and submit these articles to article directories with a PageRank of 4 or higher positioning are effective techniques that can increase qualified traffic to your website. And both can be done at the same time, as long as you do it correctly. Here's what you need to do: 1 .- Use research tools keywords like KeywordToolExternal Google to discover the most relevant keywords for your niche market. These keywords are search terms that you can send the most visitors to your website. 2 .- Optimize your sales letter with the most relevant keywords for your niche market (2-3 maximum).

This means you have to insert these keywords into your sales letter in strategic places such as: in title tags, the tags of the body, in the meta-tag, and the alt tags of images. 3.-Choose your best keyword and then write an article on it. For example, if you sell a course on how to build a house dog and your keyword is "building a house dog," then you should include it in the following places.

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