IPad Pictionary

In the app store: guess song by beingoo guess song: the first “app” by beingoo yet anybody remember “Pictionary”? This was a very successful show concept in public television, for the younger ones among us: Michael Schanze was the moderator, Helmit Kohl Chancellor and on iPhone and iPad was still not thinking. “The idea was however well and preserved: A player draws something on a Blackboard, the or the other players guess what it is (“dog, cat, mouse…”).”You could do that but also with music “, the set from the beingoo team that brought guess song to roll and now was she: guess song, our first”app”for the iPhone and iPad, for free on the Apple app store and guarantees great fun.” Pictionary with music: guess song the principle of guess song is simple: players are looking for, select a song – the connection makes it very easy this point to the iTunes database – and go sing. Send sang performance about the app on the other players and who have to guess what it is. Anyone who ever were at karaoke, now two things to know: Yes, that makes a lot of fun (nice word, again and again, but that’s another topic…) and no, it is not always clear what song is meant. Of course you can play guess song not only with a playing partner, but several; Finally, the whole thing should be fun. No game without winning a propos fun: we openly admit it, at beingoo we have been never averse to the idea of competition and also cannot see why it would change. So what would be a game with no winner? Flat. And that’s why guess song for the vocal performances of the players awards points. There is a table and thus the guess song app will finally clarify who sings the best in Germany. Sorry, talent shows, but all will pass once. Oh yeah, guess song works naturally with all iPad and iPhone versions. We are not Apple finally 😉 (Shame on the other). More info? the beingoo team wishes you – guesssongapp have fun! evil… People have no songs. Andreas Kellner..

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