IT Service Provider With Weaknesses In The Skills And Resource Management

ORGA survey: comparison of successful and bad projects revealed significant shortcomings in the control functions only every tenth service providers can schedule button, resources and project progress to determine Karlsruhe, 07.04.2009 – IT service provider with successfully completed projects is characterised by a much better skill, resource, and project management. The survey of the IT providers ORGA GmbH 207 IT service providers and consulting companies also found that few of them can quickly get an overview of the project status. The ORGA survey examines what factors for the success of IT initiatives. It projects with excellent results and those were compared with little success based on performance factors. The surveyed providers gave the note 1.6 project management at their best projects in the last two years on average.

Their most problematic actions of the same period, however, fared much worse with a score of 4.1. They are similar to clear Differences in the skill and resource management. For this aspect, the survey showed an average mark of 2.1 for the best projects. Worse, the projects with negative results were more than two grade levels. Significant differences were also at the project controlling (2,3 / 3,9), as well as in the success criterion for performance recording and billing (2.6 and 3.8). There was no such serious deviations in sales and distribution processing and billing. These results indicate very clearly, project issues by no means first and foremost must have technical causes, but are often attributable to defective control functions in the implementation of the project\”, says Ralf Gresch, product manager at the ORGA.

Change that is important not only for reasons of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, but must be in the interests of the IT service provider. On the one hand, project problems lead to disgruntled users. On the other hand, the cost as a result of inefficient implementation processes and expenses for (sometimes multiple) Clear finishing.\” In addition to the technical skills, therefore an adequate business software to control the processes middle of project is necessary.

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