Knut Storberget

The priority is " to give and to give consuelo&quot us; , to fight by one " participation major poltica" and " still greater commitment with democracia". Youths in Utya Stoltenberg remembered that the camping of Social-Democratic youths of the island of Utya was " the quarry of our better talents polticos". It remembered in this respect that he himself had visited Utya every year, from 1976, and repeated the call to " to reconquer the island for ours jvenes" sent days back by the leader of Social-Democratic youths (AUF), Eskil Pedersen. The own entereza of Stoltenberg, archetype these days of the politician near its town and means, untiring in spite of having lost " many, very good amigos" in the attack to the island, it does not get to neutralize the doubts on the police management. The eagerness to recover normality underwent a backward movement with the evacuation during two hours of the central station of railroad of Oslo, because of the alarm untied by a suitcase leaves that it was innocuous. Far from normality Part of the governmental dependencies affected by the explosion they returned to the activity, but Oslo is still far from the return to normality, whereas the secret services and police try to establish if Breivik acted alone or if it has two cells of support, as it declared before the instructional judge.

Against all the critics, the minister of Justice, Knut Storberget, affirmed, after meeting with the people in charge of the special forces, that the agents who went to the island of Utya after the shooting are " hroes". " I have called them previously heroes and are our heroes. Those which I have visited today are those that were in forward edge and those that helped to recover the control in a situation very complicada" , it assured Storberget. Source of the news: Norwegian prime minister announces that the police answer to the attacks will be investigated

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