Kosovo Broke

Kosovo is declaring its independence before Serbia. The United States and the European Union endorse this while Russia supports the refusal of its traditional ally Serbia fearing also that incentive to Chechens and other nationalities endorsed wanting to secede. Up to date the UN has accepted the independence of all 23 republics that formed part of the Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia or the Soviet Union. However, Kosovo was never a Federated Republic but a province. Endorse its separation might encourage other regions to demand the same in Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Sudan, Iraq, Turkey, etc. You could also create a wave of new States which make the UN more than 200 members or generate a precedent for those who would like to create a camba State or aymara in the Andes. Bush, at the same time seeking that Kosovo will be a new country, strives to prevent the Kurds (who includes more than ten times the total of Kosovars) escindan its allies in Iraq and Turkey.

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