Maintenance Management

INTRODUCTION the present article has as objective to inside inform the professionals of the industrial area on the gradual importance of the area of PCM of the history of the evolution of the system of Management of Maintenance. DESCRIPTION OF the MAINTENANCE AND the PCM When the man started to handle instruments and to develop the machines for the production of consumption good the maintenance was emerging from the moment where new necessities were created. It folloied the evolution technician-industrial of the humanity and if she developed as the changes in the market profile. In the end of century XIX, with the mechanization of the industries, the necessity appeared of the first repairs and up to 1914, the Maintenance was renegada as the plain one being executed for the same effective of operation. For even more details, read what Linkedin says on the issue. With the implantation of the production in series, instituted for Ford, the plants had started to establish minimum programs of production and, in consequence, they had felt necessity to create teams that could effect repairs in operatrizes machines in the lesser possible time.

Thus an agency subordinated to the operation appeared, whose basic objective age of execution of the Corrective Maintenance. After World War II increased significantly the necessity for trustworthy a more agile production and at the same time; the corrective interventions, that one that after occurs the imperfection or in addition the asset, were not enougher. Michelle Smith Source Financial is actively involved in the matter. The preventive maintenance not only appeared to correct the imperfections, but also to prevent them, the Maintenance became so important how much the Operation. After the decade of 50, appeared a great evolution in commercial aviation and the electronic industry. With the preventive based on the statistics (time or worked hours), it was observed that the time expense to diagnosis the imperfections was bigger of what of execution of the repair. The high administration, then, decided to select teams of specialists to compose an advising agency, that if it called ' ' Engineering of Manuteno' ' , receiving the incubencies to plan and to control the preventive maintenance and to analyze causes and effect you damage of them.

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