Measuring Label

Intuitive, current, more productive that new version in full throttle mode combit software manufacturer brings end of October a new version of Report Builder list & label on the market. The 16th generation contains a variety of new features and has become more intuitive and productive according to manufacturers in the first place. “List & label 16 is the best version we have had” to list & label Development Director Jochen Bartlau about the upcoming version and adds laughing, I know I say this every time, but this time it is really so true as never before “. In the design of reports, combit software manufacturer has expanded generously the component. With so-called gauges, developers can now equip reports or dashboards with instruments of all kinds.

Clearly visible for each user at a glance, as it is a current value in relation to ideal, minimum or maximum “, explains list & label Development Director Jochen Bartlau. The new object makes round and half-round speedometer-like Measuring instruments and scales in the portrait and landscape. Thanks to the different design elements such as dial or needle style, color signal range, frame, glass mirror, a wide variety of measuring instruments can be put together. With the new version, also the designer of the reporting tool has become significantly more intuitive list & label. In particular, end users will enjoy the mini toolbar, new accessibility features and an improved selection and orientation. “Jochen Bartlau of the top new feature: in the long term one million clicks of less and a processing time of only a few seconds for the routine!” This is possible because many properties for text and tables can be edited directly, without going through additional dialog window.

With the pivot function for cross-tabs and stepless zoom, the designer has won in addition to quality. Developers working with .NET programming language, will also benefit from the simplified database access. So far, we have always said, it requires only “a few lines, to expand programs – today we can say we don’t need even more”, so Jochen Bartlau, we call it full throttle mode for a more productive use. “

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