Mining Machinery

The new standards of mining machinery Green, high efficiency and intelligence will become the new standards of mining machinery. In recent years, people adopts the technology roadmap of changing waste into resources and successfully develops environmental protection coal-water slurry, which can greatly improves the environmental benefits without increasing investment cost. China is rich in coal, so environmental protection coal-water slurry will be alternative to oil, gas and other basic and economical clean energy. The environmental protection coal-water slurry (CWS) is made from about 65% coal, 34% water and a small amount of chemical additives, it is a slurry fuel, can be pumped, be abominated, be stored and stable combusts like oil, its calorific value equivalent to the half of fuel oil; It can be used in boilers, power plants, industrial furnaces and kilns instead of fuel oil with high combustion efficiency, convenient load adjustment, environmental pollution, improving working conditions and saving coal. The crusher is essential in the CWS manufacture process.

The hammer crusher made by Hongxing machinery have high production capacity, low power consumption, large crushing ratio, uniform particle size; mechanical structure is simple, compact and lightweight; investment costs is less and easy to manage; It is a very important position in crushing equipment market Governor. With the increasing development of the market size, customer requirements for mining machinery is constantly strict, and mining machinery industry have to adapt to the new standards, and produces green, efficient, intelligent crusher. Green is not just the development trend of mining machinery, but also the whole construction machinery industry development trend of the times. High efficiency is secret to seize the heart of customers. Whatever small coal mines and large-scale concentrator, they are urgent to deal with the high-energy and low consumption equipment. High efficiency not only save resource, but also improve the utilization of resources, and better promote the technological innovation of the mining equipment. With the continuous injection of new technology in the field of materials science and information technology, mining machinery increasingly tend to be intelligent.

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