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'Courtiers shouted:' Let us not believing ', and the people:' Think of what we give you '- said the French Queen Marie. Ilya T., head of private repair team of three people, well aware of: any foreman shared the courtiers. Customers the same – the owners of apartments and villas – in solidarity with the people and not only want to see the estimates, but also to monitor the budget. 'But it is impossible to keep track of all' – said Ilya. He is working on recommendations former customers and designers, with whom did common projects. Volumes are not the same as in major repair and construction firms, but constant, and, basically, the client enters reasonable: to understand that for 500 000 rubles overhaul in the entire apartment is not done, and the prices have teams of Elijah are above average.

On the other hand, now apartment owners want to keep track of all themselves, and this inconvenience. Customers can understand: when the construction market are sold with checks Any amount allegedly spent on the purchase of materials, vigilance necessarily worse. Therefore, customers are becoming more competent and more suspicious, even those who come for advice. 'Before signing a contract – Ilya says – they the entire Internet and find out how to paste the wallpaper as you like nails for flooring that should be included in the estimates, as the foreman must answer the first question about the prices and terms ' On the one hand, this well.

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