Mobile Phones

But like all kinds of cribs, the cribs have their mobile Disadvantages: Where to take the content for the crib? How to put it on the phone? Phone model is an old and does not support reading formats such as doc, txt, pdf. On the Internet many sites offering free mobile crib, but most of them, or offer to pay for a resource or have a very lean and often one and the same for all similar sites set cribs. But there are resources that offer an original and simple, and most importantly free service create, search, mobile cribs, such as project The list of possibilities under review, the service can be listed for a long time, but we will consider only a few and most important for the student. Firstly, this automated create Java applications from inside the crib for a cell phone. Practically all cell different classes support downloading and running applications on Java, this kind of cheat sheets are very comfortable and they can use in almost any situation on a test or exam.

You can use it at home, in class, in transport, before the exam directly on the exam and so on. To create this kind of spurs you only need to tick those cribs that you want to use, and the system will generate a file for the cell phone. And since the base cribs site is large (the site contains one of the largest collections of cheat sheets, which is constantly replenished by visitors here can be easily found cribs in many subjects), we can always find answers to almost all the issues of control, or exam. Secondly, you can prepare in advance and placed on the site in his profile crib for further cheating from the phone via the Internet. All that is needed is the addition of spurs, go to the mobile version service through the phone (you can use the built-in phone's browser or Opera Mini – a free web browser from Opera), log in and use their .

Resource mobile version consumes very little traffic, and specially optimized for the mobile phone screen. Another important feature of the service, is multifunctional and fast search through thousands of database cribs. Easily preview and downloads spurs as a doc file, you can quickly and efficiently find and download crib on the computer. If there is no time for preparation and control on the nose, then it is safe to use a search on the mobile version of the service directly from your cell. So if you have the control or test, but not teach want you here. Crib in the phone – it is confidence in the success of the exam and an excellent preparation for them.

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