Modules and More

It must be installed snugly, but not spresovanno. Savings can be – the thickness and coating quality trapezoidal sheet, size, pitch and timber processing, packing insulation, polyethylene, step and quality of screws, etc. Plastic window in the module – they can be seen and they have some documents, but they often come without the relevant certificates – at the expense of this and cheaper. The windows shall be cashing out, but from inside slopes. Optimally, they should be plastic or metal. But wood is cheaper – and 2-3 months.

As set-ups – should be through kleymera on the screws. I have met and nails 150 mm. through the block in the timber. DveriEst paper, without boxes without handles and locks, without cashing – all this must go to the assembly. Ready-block modules for the company's warehouse Bars Entry – metal. Box doors must be welded to the frame, and not simply set to wooden crate walls Above we have briefly described the technology and materials. But the important part is the work and its cost. We return to the and Mercedes – manufacturing facilities and technical staff at factories that produce these "identical" machines – are very different.

Accordingly, the quality is different. But it also affects the cost of the final product Do not forget about it. Dear Sirs, There are many more nuances to the where you can save. But if you want to get a normal building, which is not intended gastrobayterov respected, properly made, safe, durable – please do not be guided only by the price. Gather in one place for your candidates, let them talk to you at once. In addition, mandatory (MUST), if you order more than 5 modules and it is important to the quality you can visit the production. A lot of cheap units made without any industrial premises, just in the open. In production you will see the people, equipment, warehouses, documentation and other attributes, and you will understand: it is necessary to work with this company or net.I last minute – good quality and Mauger not be cheap (relatively, absolutely anemia).

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