They only think about she interests what them at that definitive moment. Nobody thinks if the Yamaha vende motions when it wants to buy a keyboard. The people alone think if the Yamaha vende good keyboards. In the same way, nobody thinks about the keyboards of the Yamaha when it wants to buy a motion. The people alone if import if the Yamaha vende good motions.

Nobody imports if Motorola vende infra structure of telephony or not when it wants to buy a cellular one. They only want to buy optimum cellular. /a> to increase your knowledge. You must be if asking: ' ' But and how much to the companies who are generalistas in related areas? ' ' After all, you import yourself if apple makes or it its cellular case you do not possess one notebook of Apple. You import yourself if the Shure makes amplifiers if it makes its guitar. The reply for this question she is less obvious: ' ' These companies are not generalistas. They are specialists in a field more amplo' '. Not, of the one not to be one ' ' specialist in tudo' ' following this theory. To be specialist continues being ' ' somebody that excellent in one is determined campo' '.

Only that a field normally consists of multiple abilities. For example, somebody that is specialist in the 100 flat meters necessary to be excellent in explosion and a speed. A specialist in soccer, however, needs to be excellent in explosion and speed, but also in control of ball, impulse, and marking or kick, depending on the position where it plays. A necessary goleiro to still have domain of other abilities. ' ' Player of futebol' ' &#039 is a field; ' amplo' '. You need to dominate diverse abilities to be able to be a detached player. Most of the specialists in the necessary world to dominate diverse abilities.

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