Mouse Multitouch Microsoft

It seems that there are more people interested in large projects with rodents, since Microsoft has shown through its Department of research a series of mice with multitouch technology that will leave your mouth open more than one. Each model uses a different method to detect touch, and so it looks, they seem up to comfortable. Undoubtedly the two that most attract attention are the Arty and the Side Mouse, the first one with two small extendable arms that will give enough game in 3D applications and the second with the peculiarity of not offer contact surface, detecting our finger on the table without any problems. In the meantime. To see the new generation of multitouch mice from Microsoft, called Mouse 2.0 (2.0 mice), seems that Apple certainly has prepared already a commercial version of a multi-touch mouse. The new multitouch mice offer users a superior experience to work on graphical environments and interfaces that require or offer the possibility of operating with different views, perspectives, such as objects, zoom, scaling, rotation etc. If you want to read more about this and other items visit computing and technology.

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