Network Service

‘Network service’ now available on S.A.M. The three independent businesswomen Sonja Gumze, Astrid Scheibner and Miriam J. Hohenfeldt have in the joint venture of SAM “. “Their mission: the professionalization of networking networking” networking is all the rage and is widely regarded as an important instrument in a successful marketing and sales strategy mix. However, successful networking requires a high personal commitment for a company also economically to beech to beat. Professional running of an own network can bring very special added value a company or a person. It is important to the appropriate design, ranging from the structure, format, clarity about network orientation and objectives of the network organizer, as well as transparent cost structures and forward-looking planning of meaningful networking activities for the future network participants.

This can be a company from immediate professional advice and support. Together companies in the field of business contacts successfully use Sonja Gumze, Astrid Scheibner and Miriam J. Hohenfeldt, three independent entrepreneurs who have joined forces”to support. SAM stands not only for the initials of three successful Web workers, but is also a synonym for the values of your work: sovereign active human the connections should be used sustainably, companies and organizations is clear. Usually lacks but the knowledge, how that will be done professionally can. “, as Sonja Gumze, which ensures the right energy in the trio and the projects.

Today it comes more because Yes, to develop ideas and concepts that fit not only the initiator, but also include sustainable benefits for all stakeholders”, added Astrid Scheibner, whose profession is in the area of marketing. “She is also founder of the successful network meeting place for entrepreneurs”. Miriam Hohenfeldt still performs as a consultant and coach with a focus on networking to Networking is the modern term for companies and organisations, if (should) be specifically kept contact and maintained connections. “Not new, but today’s more important the ever and only really successfully, if professionally addressed.” So enjoy the three entrepreneurs eager, medium-sized companies, trade associations and other organisations who are looking for support, to accompany confidently, actively, and human. S A M Sourveran Akiv – human SAM is the project by Sonja Gumze, Astrid Scheibner and Miriam J. Hohenfeldt. The three have been working already for many years in various projects successfully and wear A M s”your claim to professional networking account. Essentially, the offer includes the area of networking as a service”and combines different aspects, which are essential for the successful use of interpersonal connections in your opinion. Sonja Gumze Counselor focus: energy work you will see which connections successes prevent, clarifies entanglements and brings the right energy in new concepts success on all levels Astrid Scheibner Scheibner event & marketing focus: Visual communication complexity visually and clearly represents and gives us the whole with some graphical touch a matching nice face. Miriam J. Hohenfeldt Network Angel focus: clarity & coaching you brings things to the point and even interpersonally helps along the way.

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